HELAR FEST 2012 #2 : Festival Kampung Tamansari (20-22 September 2012)

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Menjumpai sahabat…

Bandung Creative City Forum (BCCF) dan Warga Kampung Tamansari

mengundang sahabat komunitas untuk hadir di acara HelarFest 2012 #2 yaitu:


Kampung Tamansari
Lapangan Tengah
Jalan Taman Hewan
RW 08, Kelurahan Lebak Siliwangi, Kecamatan Coblong
(Belakang Kebon Binatang)

Kegiatan Festival : Kamis 20 September 2012 s/d Sabtu 22 September 2012
Peresmian : Sabtu 22 September 2012 pukul 19.00 WIB
*Peresmian akan dihadiri oleh Menteri Pariwisata & Ekonomi Kreatif RI, Walikota Bandung & Pimpinan Warga Kampung Tamansari

*Music Performance oleh Trah Project, Nada Fiksi, Pancasura, Teman Sebangku, Sound of Hanamangke, Kasada
*Video Mapping oleh INTERAKTA Intermedia FSRD ITB
*Mural Lapangan oleh TPB FSRD ITB 2012
*Movie Screening oleh Komunitas Layar Kita
*Workhop “Motret Kampung” oleh air foto network
*Workshop Menggambar oleh Hayman Movement
*Perancangan podium bambu oleh IMA-G ITB


Bandung Creative City Forum
Jalan Purnawarman 70 Bandung
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Email : bccf.bdg@gmail.com
Twitter @BCCF_bdg
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Website : http://www.bccf-bdg.com

Key messages for the Indonesian ‘Safe Migration’ PSA

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Key messages for the Indonesian ‘Safe Migration’ PSA

Human trafficking is modern day slavery. It is the illegal sale of human beings for the purpose of exploitation for someone else’s financial gain.

Human trafficking happens to men women and children.

Victims are trafficked both within Indonesia and also abroad to many different countries.

People are sold into forced sex work, forced labor on fishing boats, plantations, construction sites, and in factories, and into private homes for domestic work.

Victims receive very little pay if any at all and many are controlled through violent abuse, threats and false debt.

It is happening to many thousands of Indonesian young people right now.

Traffickers are always changing how they recruit their victims. For example, traffickers in Indonesia are increasingly using social network sites to build false friendships and advertise false job opportunities.

The3 keys for safe migration

1. Don’t rush. Ask questions.   

Never rush to say “yes” to a job or travel opportunity. Ask questions about where you’re going, what you’llbe doing, and where you’ll work and live. Discuss your opportunity with 3 different people. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

2. Don’t trust everyone.  

Never trust anyone who persistently approaches you and promises you a high-paid job in the city or in other countries. Most victims of trafficking know the person who tricks them. They can be family or people they think are their friends.

3. Don’t give up your stuff.

If you do decide to migrate for work never give your mobile phone, ID card, passport, or money to anyone, even if they are a friend or family. People who care about you would never take these items away from you.


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MTV EXIT is a multimedia campaign to raise awareness amongst youth about human trafficking. The Youth Sessions program achieves this by bringing together creative professionals and youth leaders to create materials and activities that are engaging, informative and inspire action.

Key Project Information.

Location: Bandung


–      Creative kick-off session: Sat 12thAug 2012

–      Youth leadership session: Mon 27th& Tues 28th Aug 2012

–      Creative campaign activities: Weds 29th – Fri 31st Aug 2012

–      MTV EXIT Concert: Sat 1stSep 2012

–      Action Day: Sun 2nd Sep 2012

–      Schools Outreach – week commencing Mon 3rd 2012


Human Trafficking is one of the most serious human rights challenges facing our society. It is modern day slavery and a growing illegal trade with profits running into billions of dollars. Estimates show that between 4 to 27 million people are suffering in slave-like conditions across the globe. Trafficking is a crime that transcends borders and does not care about age, gender or race.

Indonesia is a country where thousands of victims are sourced and sold either internally, from rural parts of the country to urban centres, or across boarders into foreign countries where they often find themselves in exploitative situations. Men, woman and children will continue to migrate for work opportunitiesin the hope that they will secure a better income. However,recruiters and traffickers take advantage of this hope andlie to their victims about the type of work and living conditions. Many victims of human trafficking are trapped into forced labour, forced sexual exploitation or domestic work in abusive conditions that provide them with little, if any, income. They often face serious physical abuse on a daily basis and threats directed at their family. Their freedom is taken away and their basic human rights are ignored.

Check out our website atwww.mtvexit.org and this music videocreated by MTV EXIT and Muse.

The Campaign.

The aim is simple:get as many youth as possible to ‘Join The Fight’ by making a pledge to end human trafficking in Indonesia.

To make a pledge, youth will be asked to submit a head-shotphoto of themselves. The more photos we collect, the more momentum and support we will have to end human trafficking and exploitation in Indonesia!

The campaign will run both on and off-line to target as wide ofan audience as possible. A short campaign video will be hosted on the MTV EXIT website leading to the following4 simple actions:

1)      Join us for Action day on Sunday 2nd August.

2)      Share this video with one person you care about.

3)      Add your personal pledge next to hundreds of fellow Indonesians.

4)      Download this short toolkit and run your own awareness session in aschool, community center, university, place of worship or work place.

Activities will take place the week before the MTV EXIT concert, at the concert event itself, and at aJoin The Fight event where the campaign and its supporter’s will be celebrated and showcased to key stakeholders.

We need YOU.

MTV EXIT will be hiring 4 team leaders with different mediaskills to lead the development of groundbreaking creative ideas.

What materials, activitiesand stunts can you create that will turn heads and get people talking about human trafficking? What will inspire and empower youth to Join the Fight andcontinue to promote the campaign?

Each team leader will be provided with a budget for materials and to hire a small support team, key messaging support, and a group of highly motivated youth leaders to rollout their idea.

In addition, we will also be hiring a video producer to create the Safe Migration PSA in advance of the Youth Sessions.

Bandung Creative City Forum
Jalan Purnawarman 70 Bandung
Telp/fax: (62-22) 253 4746
Email : bccf.bdg@gmail.com
Twitter @BCCF_bdg
Blog : www.bandungcreativecityforum.wordpress.com
Website : www.bccf-bdg.com

Grace Tobing
Indonesia Youth Session Coordinator .
website : www.mtvexit.org